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More about .html extension to WordPress pages

htmlI discussed about adding a “.html” suffix to the permalinks of pages also through a plugin in the previous post. I wish to point out that mere addition of .html ending doesn’t enhance search engine ranking since WordPress uses canonical URLs by default. Hence no special SEO joy!

Another interesting fact worth remembering is that visitors looking at the posts and pages with .html suffix may get a feeling that they are static .html pages. But they are not! They are still generated dynamically. The cosmetic suffix is only a facade (sexing up, sort of!) made possible by the mod_rewrite module of the web server.

Here is an unintended twist to the facility of adding .html ending to the pages. supposing you use a static front page for your site and a page name of “Blog” to display the list of posts. Then will show your static front page and will list your blog posts. Fine. But if you use the “.html” ending for pages plugin, the blog page will have an URL as “”. This is also fine. Now you have more posts necessitating pagination of entries and you navigate to the next page of posts showing another set of older entries. The URL will become “”. This is not fine! Agree?

So think about this weird URL before rushing to add the vaunted .html to pages!

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