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My experiments with Google Custom Search in a WordPress site

Google custom search“WordPress search sucks” – this you have heard a zillion times. And there are umpteen tutorials on the web about the procedure to set up Google custom search for your WordPress-powered blog/site. Most of them are well-written but some are obsolete since Google has been modifying and updating the custom search engine progressively. Things like iframe etc., are passé. The latest and by far the best tutorial is by DevPress written by Patrick Daly. But I have differed slightly from the procedure enumerated in the tutorial and tried out a few modifications myself which I wish to discuss in this article.

On Google Custom Search

As a preamble let me state that Google Custom Search Engine can be used not only to search one of your sites, but you can add any number of sites you own (or otherwise) and have the results appear on your site. You can even get the custom search the whole web too. The service is offered free by Google by serving ads. The ad-free offering is for $100 per annum. But the “Google Site Search” is altogether a different service meant for businesses looking to create a highly customized and Google hosted site search solution for a structured fee plan. The difference between these two are enumerated on this web page.

The search parameter question

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