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WordPress is an easy-to-install and user-friendly software. But it needs a bit of handling by a person who has worked with it for some time and dug deep into it and understood its idiosyncrasies.

Ok. You just decided to have a self-hosted WordPress blog/site but you wish to be relieved of the nitty-gritties and the headache involved. You want someone to take care of the WordPress blog affair from soup to nuts. Well, here I am, ready to take up that job for a reasonable fee. I have been using WordPress for over 5 years and set up many blogs!

You are another wannabe blogger who has just now taken a hosting account and installed WordPress himself. But in the process you are running into some problems and it is eating into your sleep. You have been trying to get a solution from forums. But maybe the good folks dwelling over there are a bit busy helping others or somehow your posting has failed to catch eyeballs due to an avalanche! You need not worry. You can safely transfer your problem to me. I’ll try to do the needful for a nominal fee and fix things.

The types of WordPress services that I undertake:

  1. Just WordPress
    • Full install of the latest version of WordPress – manually, appropriately
    • Upgrading to the latest version – making backup, checking plugins’ compatibility and trouble-shooting
    • Fixing auto-upgrade issues
    • Installing themes and tweaking them to suit customer’s preferences
    • Recommending, selecting and installing plugins duly ensuring that they do not break anything
    • Making static front page and setting up of a regular web site look and feel
    • Interplay between post and pages to convert WordPress into a CMS
    • Customizing themes, changing logo, color scheme, layout etc. and adding nifty eye candies
    • Migrating blog from, Blogger etc
    • Importing/exporting data
    • Attending to sudden weird behavior and conking out of the blog for some reason
    • Image management, setting up galleries, pulling photos from Flickr and Picasaweb
    • Video blog, embedding slideshow, presentations and other media enhancements
    • Fixing validation issues
    • Basic SEO optimization
    • Attention to RSS tweaking to suit
    • Hacking databases
    • And just any other WordPress related plumbing and tinkering!
  2. Hosting matters
    • Registering domain names with a good, reliable and proven registrar
    • selection of proper web hosting service of solid credentials to suit your requirement
    • Interacting with the sysadmin of the web host to get the WordPress blog up and running without hiccups
    • Setting up of POP email accounts, FTP users, subdomains, databases, forwarders etc on the control panel of web hosting service
    • Moving WordPress between servers without hitch and without loss of data
    • Any other hosting-related issues
  3. What I do not take up:
    • Full-fledged SEO optimization
    • Developing custom themes
    • Designing logos and image enhancements using Photoshop
    • Plugin development. But I undertake minor fixing and tweaking of existing plugins

You can contact me through this page and send me the details of the job that you want me to take up. I’ll promptly respond and we can take it forward to solve your problems.

Be confident that I’ll be very reasonable in charging for the job – may be $10 to $15 per hour (payment through PayPal). And I’ll never indulge in false promises. if a job is beyond me, I’ll tell you upfront. I shall take up only what I am confident of doing to your fullest satisfaction.

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