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Customization of Contact Form 7 plugin

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6 Responses to “Customization of Contact Form 7 plugin”

  1. James says:

    Your rant is even more chaotic than the plugin author’s! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. S.K says:

    Sorry that I haven’t made things clear to you.

    But the plugin author has made a separate web site for this plugin. Hope he would be able to spend time on providing a comprehensive FAQ.

    Meanwhile if you come across any issue in using this plugin, please let me know so that I can also join you in finding a solution!

  3. Paul says:


    I wonder if you have found a way to make required fields conditional? I have a request form where the user must first select a product from a drop-down list, and then they must select the version of the product. I would like to have different drop-down lists of versions, which are required for their respective product selections. Any ideas?


  4. Lita says:

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  6. Willa Cory says:

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