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My experiments with Google Custom Search in a WordPress site

My experiments with Google Custom Search in  a WordPress site"WordPress search sucks" - this you have heard a zillion times. And there are umpteen tutorials on the web about the procedure to set up Google custom search for your WordPress-powered blog/site. Most of them are well-written but some are obsolete since Google has been modifying and updating the custom [Read more]

HTML5 Audio and Video players for WordPress

HTML5 Audio and Video players for WordPressI have been embedding many MP3 songs in my WordPress blogs using the ultra-reliable "WP-Audio Player" plugin. But when I looked at one such blog with a podcast on the iPad no audio player could be seen. Reason: no flash in iPad and the audio player uses Shockwave Flash player. That [Read more]

Linux is everywhere!

Linux is everywhere!Let us celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Linux, the ubiquitous open source operating system. Watch the video showing the the history of Linux - how Linux disrupted a market and has begun to change the world. And how it touches you at every turn in your day-to-day life. Change over to [Read more]

Google going full steam ahead on cloud offerings!

Google going full steam ahead on cloud offerings!Google has now added support for 12 new file formats in the Google Docs Viewer, in addition to Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations as well as PDF files. The new dozen are: Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 (.PPTX) Apple Pages (.PAGES) Adobe Illustrator (.AI) Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF) Scalable Vector Graphics [Read more]

Paypal is unreliable for Indians

Paypal is unreliable for IndiansExtreme panic has set in amongst Indians who regularly transact on line using Paypal. By aggressive marketing and ubiquitous presence, Paypal has attracted several users to its fold and it has reached a state of being the default payment method preferred by almost all Indians. "Donate using Paypal" had been [Read more]

WordPress Fatal error: Out of memory

WordPress Fatal error: Out of memoryThis is a common error message thrown in when someone tries to view your WordPress-driven blog/site. This also happens while you are in the middle of doing some work on the admin interface or writing your entry and saving it. The reason is that some activity in the back end is [Read more]

What HyperCircle has to offer:

My passion is technology and I am hooked on to WordPress, the best free and Open Source blogging software.

I can help you in installing, enhancing, modifying and embellishing your WordPress powered blog or web site, using WordPress as a CMS and attend to trouble-shooting and providing support.

Comprehensive details of the services that I offer are listed in the “Services” page. Feel free to ask for advice/help/consultation/service from me however trivial it may be. After all, anything can go wrong and you may get lost in the dark alleys of coding and gobbledegook! But not to worry. Here I am ready to my best and go an extra mile to solve your problems and make your life better. For me, dealing with technology is a thrill and fixing things gives a sort of pseudo-orgasm! 🙂

But a disclaimer, sort of! I do not try to boast that I have all the answers to all the problems of WordPress. Nor I am a pro like Mark Jaquith. But there are many issues which I am definitely capable of tackling and providing solution. But be rest assured that I’ll be honest, earnest and sincere!

A bit about WordPress

(as if you do not know already!)

WordPressWordPress is a great piece of Open Source software written in PHP language interspersed with Javascript and its libraries in order to embellish your blog with bells and whistles.

WordPress uses MySql for storing and retrieving data. All dynamic content (like posts, pages etc) is getting stored in database tables created by the software.

It has a comprehensive documentation and tutorials called “Codex” arranged in a logically structured Wiki format which is extremely user-friendly and it serves as the veritable Veda of WordPress.

Another unique feature of WordPress is that it can be enhanced to infinite proportions by the use of third-party plugins, themes and mods.

Having said that, the back-end technology driving the WordPress may not be comprehensible to many users. You can’t expect every car owner to be adept in the mechanisms employed in the vehicle. That is where people like step in to provide support. We learnt by trial and error and by hacking, tweaking and breaking! Now the knowledge acquired is offered to you!

Now over to my service offering.

Happy WordPress experience!

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